The Warmth of Winter | Concluded


A kind reminder that there are three days remaining until the deadline for this swap.



I got… @Kyo !!!

this was a challenge in itself and im sorry it’s not the best ever, either!! it is my first animation and i wanted to put a little more effort into it than just one of my pixels since everyone raised the bar so DANG HIGH!!!

i hope you like it!!! …space sheep are hard…



AAAAA I LOVE THAT AEO!!! omg its so good ;_;
you drew her so well and i really love the animation <3
for whatever reason it gives me nostalgia bc it reminds me of those old loading animations in games!!!
thank you soo much !!!


im glad you like it!!! it took me a really long time to figure out how to make it stop running backwards and to go forwards…





aw!!i love how you painted this


I got saeglopur!!!
I’m sorry this took so long!! I have had 0 time to draw and I’m super out of practice but I hope you like it!


AW so cute!!! i love saeg so much d’aw


that is super sweet, thank you. I hope you didn’t stress too much over this! I’m always really fond of the softness in your lines, shading and facial expressions. thank you for taking the time to make something so nice for me. little hug




That is absolutely stunning wow, thank you so much!! I am in love. The shading is so pretty and I LOVE the background ;;;;;;;


I got @Ilos !! I hope you like it, your esk is so adorable and I wanted so badly to try a sticker-y piece of them, I love squat babies ;___;



I love the way you’ve used the thick line-art there and the variations in it, it’s so unique and pleasing to look at


it’s so precious!!!

@Royal just in case you missed this!!! :blush:


Thank you, I did Miss it ^^’


oh hehe ty Aeo <3


So i know this is probably NOTHING LIKE what you had in mind… But i really wanted to reconnect with some of my roots with this for whatever reason. Little known fact… I used to do a lot of work (ie almost all) in India Ink [and water color] so i wanted to try and pick it up again. I also wanted to test out how my new sketchbook held water and ink.

I hope your Valentines was lovely and i’d really like to mail this to you so if you’re comfortable, feel free to message me your mailing address & i’ll get it off as soon as i can! <3


is that a little kitty curled up on their tail? I’m going to cry


this is so wonderful !!! i agree with saeg, the thick lines are :heart_eyes:
i love this piece a lot, thank you <3 !!!


That is so perfect, cries

Thank you to everyone who participated, all entries are beautiful and we really really appreciate the cooperation and patience you’ve all displayed during this event!! Thank you all for making this run so smoothly and being understanding of the forum move that set the due date back. We hope you enjoyed this swap as much as we did, and we look forward to having similar events in the future!!



next swap when @Aeolia :raised_hands:


Those eyes are seemingly iridescent- lovely work!