The Warmth of Winter | Concluded


Whaa!! YOUR SHADING IS SO NICE WDYM!! Thank you so much I love this eep you drew him so well!
Blankets and cocoa are my fave things (8


i got @dorian <3


These looks so good??? I love the coffee mug on Jesse’s and I love the wings on Dorian’s omg


thank you so much coy AND IM GLAD YOU LIKE IT KING he’s a cutie to draw with all his fluff<3
i love the style for dorian’s that’s awesome


happy valentine’s day @shanirie :rose:


@saeglopur oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOSH look at winter ;_____; she looks so fluffy I wanna touch her
I can’t wait until this here chat platform is a thing so I can use it TO ITS FULL POTENTIAL

Thank you so much :tulip: I love love love it


took me longer to get this done than i thought it would, art has been hard lately

but!!! i got @Collide


aw @dorian that’s precious!! i love the lil feets


OH man I looove it!!! covering her in snow was a great idea!! <3333333333



in case anyone missed the Discord announcement, the swap has been extended until the 21st so everyone can get adjusted with the forum move and have time to post their pieces.



I got
[the spoilers won’t work :(]

When I first started this I had extreme art block and I could NOT get anything to look good and it was giving me so much anxiety lol. But then I came up with this and I’m pretty proud ;o

hope you like it !!! Have a great valentine’s day ! <3


that’s so good… I love the smooth lines

(ps - I sent you a note explaining both of our spoiler code options!)


i love everything posted so far :heart_eyes:


that is so cute!!! i love the grumpy snoot


AHHH thank you so much!! I absolutely love this omg. This looks amazing, you drew Aude SO WELL
and I absolutely love the small flower next to her ear omg.
Thank you <3 I hope you had a good valentines day as well!!


I’m glad you like it!! She was so fun to draw and color


i apologize it’s not a fullbody/pose ;_;

my art block got to me and egydsuiklzx


oh my goodness that’s so precious Kyo… aaaahhh


oh my GOSH screaming!!! thank you so much holy crap i love it. i love the honey dripping in the background!!


thank you omg ;___;
and HONESTLY ME TOO I love the honey the most !!! im glad you like it n__n<3