The Warmth of Winter | Concluded


So we continue throughout winter. The air hangs cold, our breath creating shapes within it; there is also warmth on the horizon. There is community, and there is much to be celebrated here. While we are gathered to communicate our wishes for the year, our watchful Spirit reminds us to take care of each other as well. Spread out among the snow, still warm from divine touch, leftover scrolls lie carefully wrapped in glowing thread. There is one for every resident of Louloudia, should you choose to participate. Upon opening this scroll, you will see another’s name… Over the coming weeks, the task assigned to you from this scroll merely asks you to create a thoughtful piece for another member. Use your creativity to construct a piece of writing or artwork for them. Together, huddled close and working on our projects, we will warm this land and be ready to welcome to first signs of Spring in coming months.

If you need help completing your card for whatever reason, feel free to PM a Peacekeeper! We are always here to help.

All forms of art are accepted and appreciated as your contribrution to the swap! This includes digital and traditional art, as well as stories or poetry.

Artists of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. You are not tied to making a specific type of artwork. If you are more comfortable writing, then focus on the message on your card! If you are more comfortable drawing, focus on the design.

If you need an extension time on the deadline (ie. health reasons, no access to the computer, busted tablet, etc.), please PM a Peacekeeper! We can try to work out an extension for you if necessary! Extensions are not to be given out lightly, we hope you take heed of the deadline and to only commit if you are sure you can complete your half of the trade.

Please make sure you’re able to complete your work or ask for an extension ahead of time or you may not be able to participate in similar events in the future.

Remember to have fun!

Check your personal calendar and make sure you can complete your half of this swap by February 14th, 2018.

Sign up below using this form by January 24th, 2018:

USERNAME: your current username, silly!
REFERENCE(s): (links only, please!)
3 THINGS YOU’D LIKE TO SEE: any 3 things you’d like to see included. Not necessary to follow!!

Draw or write about your paired partner’s character and submit on this thread by February 21st, 2018.
:heavy_check_mark: = given
× = received

× loup :heavy_check_mark:
× king :heavy_check_mark:
× ilos :heavy_check_mark:
× kyo :heavy_check_mark:
× aeolia :heavy_check_mark:
× collide :heavy_check_mark:
× dorian :heavy_check_mark:
× aoena
× shanirie :heavy_check_mark:
× saeglopur :heavy_check_mark:
× coyote :heavy_check_mark:
royal :heavy_check_mark:

Divider & bullet points made by Gasara @ dA.
Banner made by Aeolia.


[strike]Marking to come back tonight!![/strike]

REFERENCE(s): Ezra | No name
3 THINGS YOU’D LIKE TO SEE: Nature!! (flowers, bones, etc!)


USERNAME: king :smiley:
REFERENCE(s): Grove, Sol (Can be drawn anthro), Yule
3 THINGS YOU’D LIKE TO SEE: Winter themed would be amazing! Otherwise, I don’t really mind!


posting for later … 0:


REFERENCE(s): cinaed, pimm, harlow
3 THINGS YOU’D LIKE TO SEE: scarves, flowers, MOOSHROOM !


USERNAME: Kyo/dialga
REFERENCE(s): kyo | divina | polar bear
3 THINGS YOU’D LIKE TO SEE: anything to do with TAMB/MTNY, hot cocoa, relaxing



REFERENCE(s): Yuva & Sionnach
3 THINGS YOU’D LIKE TO SEE: Something involving winter. Maybe reading. Plushie collection.


USERNAME: dorian

REFERENCE(s): any children here

3 THINGS YOU’D LIKE TO SEE: sleepy or warm inspired things i dont really mind


REFERENCE(s): [lots to choose from!]
3 THINGS YOU’D LIKE TO SEE: a plush of Aletheia included, that’s all!


USERNAME: Shanirie
REFERENCE(s): Wintersprite or Seryn
3 THINGS YOU’D LIKE TO SEE: snow, your own character, plants!


3 interests: plants/nature, friends, black cat companion




A plushy of my cat
I can’t think of 2 other things, do whatever you think is best ^.^


thank you all!! sign ups are now closed and you will receive a PM shortly!!


ooooo I’m excited


Six and a half hours, 43 layers total, and one sore hand later, I finished my piece, and I got Aeolia!!
I even referenced a fox face and like… it still came out as a wolf like canine, so hopefully, it’s just a really fluffy fox? I’m sorry :frowning: Rather else, let me know if I missed anything or need to fix anything!! Also sorry for the bad trees, I’ve not drawn a bg in like years…


AW MAN what the NUGGETS!! she’s perfect and you did a wonderful job!!! Foxes aren’t easy and dame is probably my most difficult character WAAH you really set the bar high!!! Thank you so much lil valentine


I am so happy you like it!!! sdfds thank you, and she’s a gorgeous character!!! She was fun to draw, actually, haha. You’re welcome <3


I made a pose for @King I hope you like it. There’s also a flat color in case you want to shade it yourself or something since my shading sucks
a hot mug of cocoa (or coffee) and a snuggly blanket … -728889540

and the flat: