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*This is my official Terms of Use, Terms of Service, Terms of Sales, and Permissions topic, these have been combined for convenience for better finding, and reading! I will post all permissions, and ToU/ToS/ToS updates on this topic.
**Please do not post on this topic.
***If you have any questions, concerns, or issues, please feel free to contact me! Contact information is listed below.
****For past Terms of Service, and permissions, please refer to these two topics: ToS | Permissions if you’re wondering about artwork you’ve received/purchased from me before the time stamp of this topic, as this topic doesn’t apply to you.

Terms of Use:

All artwork created by myself must be credited when used anywhere.
You do not have to ask permission to sell any artwork I’ve made.
You cannot put your own Terms of Use/Terms of Sale over anything I make, unless I have contacted you and stated clearly otherwise.
If a dispute of the artwork occurs, my decision of outcome is final above anyone else’s, and anyone else’s ToU/ToS/ToS.

Terms of Service:

I have the right to reject your commission for any given reason(s), and/or refuse any commission however and whenever I see fit.
Once the sketch is presented, payment is required within 72 hours from the last contact I had with you, unless notified and discussed.
If I cannot complete your commission, I will give you a refund, but only then will you ever recieve a refund.
Turn around time (ToT) for your commission, can be a few days, few weeks, or up to a month.

Terms of Sales:

I do not hold copyright or terms over any artwork and/or characters I sell unless specifically stated otherwise during the transaction and contact with the person who purchased, if I did not create the artwork.
Failure to provide payment(s) for the sale gives me full permission to reclaim without refund.

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All artwork, commissions and business deals made by or with me after the time and date of this post, will be required to follow the ToS located here: