Team Updates



Hi everyone. :dove:

We have recently said goodbye to team members @Saeglopur and @Aeolia. We wish them both all the best in their future endeavors and are eternally grateful for all that we accomplished together. :heart:

@AOENA has returned from Resting and has joined me as Co-Founder of Louloudia.

@Stout and @Soot (SootTiger/Myung) have recently been approached and have agreed to join our team as Peacekeepers. (This will take place shortly as we tidy up behind the scenes and prepare them as new team members!)

Thank you all for another wonderful year and for your tremendous amount of patience, understanding, and encouragement as we are continuously shifting, growing, and modifying our direction and goals for Louloudia.

Please stay close for some exciting announcements in the coming weeks! :sparkles:

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