Spring Forward with Louloudia | Concluded




What a strange sight to come across after the snow of winter has finally melted away. A raised bed has been delicately purposed for the community to come together and fill with special plants of their own.

How to Participate

  • You may contribute a unique flower/plant of your own OR add a small decoration to the garden plot.
  • Add your contribution directly to the image or post your addition and we will add it for you.
    (In this case, you give us the freedom to resize your contribution so that it fits the plot nicely.)
  • If you are adding directly to the bed, please be certain you have the most recent addition of the image.
  • Please try to maintain the transparency of the background!
  • Be mindful of others and only add one contribution so that we can all fit together.

Here are some helpful ideas…

  • Honor a loved one or pet
  • Think of something you may have found in Louloudia
  • Try drawing your favorite flower or plant
  • Draw your character as a plant marker
  • Small animals showing interest like chipmunks, bunnies, butterflies, bumblebees, etc.
  • Garden decor such as small figurines, pinwheels, and gnomes to the side are acceptable!

This event has been extended through the month of May. All participants will be rewarded with a special Seasonal Event Token that can only be earned through this event.



i chose to plant a pansy!! my dad used to take us to the garden centre every spring to pick out the flowers we wanted to plant in the little corner of his garden he saved for us. I always chose some variety of pansy because i find them to be reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaally pretty and how can i not get lost in their fantastic colours!! … and now that i am looking at this one i am lowkey staring at my subconscious for the oddly familiar colour palette of this particular one…



that is absolutely ADORABLE AA

i’m still trying to decide what to add to the bed that will represent me… i’m so frustrated right now because it’s still snowing here and i’m really ready for the weather to let up. :frowning:


i love this idea! i added a little orange wild flower. there is a bunch that grew next to my car, a mixture of oranges and yellows and i love them so much. they sprouted everywhere all of a sudden and granted it has nothing to do with me and wild flowers are everywhere, it felt like a positive little welcome to the apartments. i feel like it’s in a way a sign of positive change


I’m still torn on what I want to plant but your flowers are so precious. I keep coming back to stare





Omg already this is so colorful…


beep beep!!!


Gonna try to work on this sometime this week :heart:


i love gardens and so does my boy so we have a little curious bun now


If you’ve been wanting to participate in this fun activity, now is the time! Thank you all for your contributions so far, our little garden is looking beautiful. :seedling:


I really wish I could :frowning: I love how it’s turned out so far!!


Nudges softly