New Year, New Patreon - let's talk about revisions together


hi hello! the team has acknowledged the quiet state of our Patreon over the last few months, and we’re grateful to those who have continued to support us simply out of their love for our project. we would now like to gather some feedback about what YOU would like to see provided. as it stands, the Muse Diaries and access to a special Drawing Board (behind the scenes world-building) area have been the biggest rewards for supporters. however, with a lower amount of Patrons, the Muse Diaries (which are now just little private sketch blogs from the team) are often on the quiet side without many people to view them. the team has considered revamping this area entirely and moving the Drawing Board into public view instead. with our lore in progress and our origin story soon to be revealed, it is important to have lots of community feedback.

that would mean we need some new rewards and incentives for Patrons. monthly forum + domain + developer fees (@owlie has been very good to us) , while currently covered, will need long-term stability… and we want to provide things for you!

here are my current ideas:

$1+ Patrons would be the basic support level tier, with access to exclusive “lens” posts (basically Patreon’s version of Facebook/Instagram stories) and an early heads up about upcoming fundraisers/essential news. they also receive a special badge & title on the forum. I have a really fun idea for the Lens posts that I’m currently plotting with the rest of the team. hint: it involves the Spirits.

$3+ Patrons would gain access to a special Discord server that would be able to interact with the team directly, watch our process for crafting events/lore/site artwork, and offer input during the conceptual stages. this is a good opportunity to have a hand in shifting future events, since a large part of our brainstorming is done on Discord.

$5+ Patrons – I’m looking for ideas to fill this level. what do you guys think? forum-based abilities? digital rewards? other kinds of special perks? we have a lot of capabilities between Discord, Discourse, and our website’s builder, so we can play around with your ideas a bit.

beyond $5 we would enter higher tiers that involve custom artwork or art-based rewards. this should be a bit more strategic this time around to avoid burn-out on the team’s end (we want to provide fun stuff for you guys rather than viewing Patreon as a place to take commissions.) this will be expanded upon - most likely after the New Year holiday - with more artwork opportunities. do you have suggestions for what you would be interested in seeing?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. thanks for reading!


would each level have different badges, and they claim the one below it? what of if they need to switch levels - do they lose their previous badge, or what? or will they obtain a new badge (like an ‘evolved’ badge) for being a three month subscriber at x tier, then six months, and so forth? like a growing plant for each level, they have different plants? idk. shot in the dark

i like the ideas a lot but i think the lower/1 dollar tier should have more access to offering insight, but not the special discord. so maybe they can see ideas AFTER the special discord discusses it, offer a little insight, and so forth?

for five dollars, maybe they can design their own loudia that has a minor part in the stories? like a background character in some of the typical site artwork, or mentioned briefly in lore, so forth. and thus, the higher tiers, with the custom artwork, maybe have the chance to offer a character more in depth mixing with the lore - or publishing side stories with their character on the main website, as sort of fillers for the lore? of course, for that, staff would have to approve it (for it sticks with the lore 100%), but it’d still be a fun concept.


I really like the idea for the $3 tier! I’m always in favor of complete transparency with admins, so being able to watch and even have a small part of the team’s process will be a great thing!

Maybe some tiers could have premades attached to them? You would have to have a place to add their permissions, but it’s an idea!

I’ll probably think of more things.


i know patreon is mostly for early access and stuff like that, but maybe you can add some tutorial features for higher tiers? for example, if one of the artists has a shading technique, they can help support the tier by making a video on it, and the tutorial tier includes all tutorials posted by staff.

for the 5 dollar tier, you can either make it an “extra support” sort of role, where if someone wants to donate more but doesnt care to receive anything extra, they can donate 5$ instead of 1 or 3 per month.

after that, maybe a 10$ can be stickers or default poses that only patrons can have access to and use. stock poses built only for that tier of patreon? that way its an exclusive, and something interesting for CL users. higher tiers can have more complex or customizable stock poses before it gets into the “custom muse art” tiers higher up.


i love all of the ideas floating around for the different tiers !!
hopefully i can get my account back up. for some reason i’ve always had trouble with the site processing my pledges