Louloudian Affairs: A Team To-Do List



It was decided during one of our 2017 Gatherings that we would be sharing our to-do list publicly. We hope to offer transparency in regards to our workload, and keep our community up to date on new features and items as they progress. This topic will reflect what we’re currently chipping away at together, along with any other reasonable things we’d like to complete in the future. The list below will be modified as projects complete or shift. Feel free to post any related questions or comments on this topic. You may also contact an @Founder privately if you prefer.


Species Guides & Chat Avatars

Status: Ongoing Muse task
Louloudia-specific species in development for future avatar choices. Works in progress of these species can be found in The Fairy Ring. At any time you are welcome to post your ideas regarding new or old species.

A Peacekeeper’s Handbook The Scrolls of Knowledge
Status: Completed
This handbook should be seen as a general guide for all of our team members, including Peacekeepers, Ceremonials, and Muses. It will be made public for all to view.

Ceremonial Handbook
Status: **WIP: Rough draft completed 8.8.2018
This will serve as a walk-through for our new Ceremonials regarding how special events are performed on Louloudia.

A Muse’s Manifesto
Status: WIP
This will be seen as a tutorial-base for the Muses regarding the aesthetics of Louloudia.

Peacekeeper Tutorials
Status: Not started.

Forum Tips/Basics Thread
Status: WIP as of 8/18
This will paraphrase the basics of navigating our forum, some of the newer functions available to you, member trust levels, common q&a, and what we’ll be able to do with these forum functions in the future!

Lore & Encyclopedia
Status: WIP
Finished flora/fauna species along with their basic info, prominent characters in lore, and Spirits will be showcased in a public Encyclopedia. We are currently researching Wiki topic functions on our new forum platform & deciding how to stylize these entries in the most clear, accessible way.

Forum Themes
New forum themes will be coming as we continue to customize. You can switch between our current themes in your User Preferences (click your avatar in the upper right corner, the settings cog, then Interface)

deviantART Group
Status: WIP but open for new members: landoflouloudia.deviantart.com/
We would like to utilize deviantART as a way to share Louloudia’s artwork and create interactions around our lore. This is open for feedback.

Artwork Guidelines & FAQ
Status: Dependent on chat installments
This will pick back up once we know more about how avatars will interact on a new chatting platform.

Various Forum Editing/Organization

  • Discourse Basics Thread
  • Avatar up-sizing (coming in the near future, pending Discourse update)
  • Add/modify subcategories upon request or as needed
  • Create more interactive areas for members
  • Customize category “header” images to match the contents within
  • Seasonal decor & images
  • Potential for “badges” to host earned event items as a type of Inventory function for members
  • Additional user fields/badges/emojis

Recently Completed


I love the idea of the Peacekeeper’s Handbook being public.


Agreed!! That is a really good idea. I’m excited!
Everything here is great and I look forward to seeing it!


@Mimew @Jace thank you both so much.

I added a few things and briefly updated the status of a couple points, need to go for now but will add more later.


[size=80]I absolutely adore that this is public and that everyone can see the process of each individual task that’s happening, including where it currently is in time. The little green status additions are super helpful too, it provides a rough time gap of when we could see updates for a potential item on the list.

Love it a lot, really neat addition to Louloudia and I’m glad that the user gatherings helped make this happen.[/size]


@Echelon thanks for your input ;_; I’m really happy about this too, and it seems to help keep me motivated.

went ahead and wrote the rest of our rules so once it’s approved by the rest of our team I’ll be presenting it publicly.


[size=80]Honestly, to-do lists are probably the only thing that keeps me super motivated when I really need to get something done. So, I understand it working here a lot too.
I always have a list when I go shopping and when I have general tasks to do with work or at home, I jot down a quick list to keep me on track and also so I know my progress… It’s surprisingly effective, like wow.[/size]


Chat Etiquette complete.


Added a couple things.


Finished PK App & posted here.


made some minor update yesterday ~


This is current as of January 9th, 2018.
The Emergency Center draft has been posted here and we are currently seeking community input to fill out its resources.


This has been updated and will continue to be routinely. If there is something you’d like to request more transparency on - or something you’re wondering about seeing implemented - please ask!


Upcoming this week: domain transfer, Patreon update, lore additions (keep an eye on The Drawing Board for those of you with access!)

We will keep you posted with more updates on technical progress - and some neat events that will be coming this way for springtime.


Updates to the list are coming in the near future (pending team discussion!)
There is a lot to discuss with both the team & the community.


The ceremonial handbook has been started and is being written!


avatar sizes have been updated! if you do not notice a change (from the smaller 45px avatars), please hard refresh your browser/clear your cache. this update took place a couple of weeks ago but was not announced.

avatar sizes should appear as a 90px circle.



hi thank you SO MUCH!