Holiday Activity: Adorn The Tree


One tradition a lot of us have around this time of year was putting up the holiday tree and decorating it over the course of the month of December, so I thought it might be really fun to bring this tradition to Louloudia this year with my friends and family here!

As you enter the den you can hear the snapping and crackling of logs in a fireplace, the smells of star anise, gingerbread, and spice wafting into the space, and the coziness of friends and family gathered about. You notice an enormous tree in the corner, a faint glow coming from within its branches, but no decorations are to be found on it yet. How strange…

You decide you’d better adorn this big fir with your own decorations too, since there are some empty spaces there. You tip-toe up and place an ornament among the branches. There, now it feels a little more like the holidays!

[Tree artwork by myself respectively.]
Adornment contributors:
@Collide (courtesy of @Roman)

:snowflake: Adorn The Tree

Post first by saying something like “I’d like to hang a decoration!” or you may Roleplay the hanging of a decorative piece to the tree.

“Hang” a decoration or adornment on the tree by painting your piece into the branches OR you may simply post a drawing of your decoration and I will “hang” it up for you.
[In this case, you give me the freedom to resize your decoration if I feel it’s too large, so that it fits the tree nicely]

Make sure that if you’re painting your decoration into the tree, that you have the most current/recent version of the tree.

Save all your files as PNG (so that they’re transparent).

You may hang as many decorations as you’d like, as often as you’d like.

Some decoration ideas:

  • Honor a loved one or pet
  • Try drawing your favorite decoration growing up
  • Draw your character as a “homemade/DIY decoration” (like gingerbread, Popsicle-stick, or glass ornaments)
  • Make an ornament from materials you’d find around Louloudia
  • Small animals like turtle doves, snowshoe hare, chipmunk, etc.
  • Something interesting your character might have found on Louloudia

Paint a present beneath the tree with a tag on it somehow denoting who it’s for!

To retain anonymity, you may PM or send via Discord your version of the tree with gift to me to update the tree image.

[Bullet/artwork by @Saeglopur respectively]




gonna put some stuff on dat tree…


i added a golden bee ornament !


beautiful! <3


saeg prances forward, stands tall on her hind legs and nudges a delicate ornament into the side of the tree.


goodness that’s amazing, what a perfect ornament <3


oh my GOSH it’s perfect ;___;


the blue coyote snuck forward, ducking beneath the branches to place her pearlescent ornament.


Ty @vreel for the lovely bonus activity idea! :hbthankful:


after spending the last two years aggressively eating apples and finding fruits to dry, Dame had finally finished decorating her fox hole with a long string of apple seeds and dried fruit. As she entered the lands of Louloudia, she noticed A0ENA, Saeglopur and vreel standing around a large, beautiful tree, admiring their personal adornments upon it. Dame quickly scooted back to her burrow and looked at her quaint rows of apple seeds. She wrapped herself up in them, as not to tangle the string and cautiously made her way back to Louloudia. She gently unraveled her garland from herself and proudly wrapped it around the tree.


shi crept in quietly, approaching the tree without a single sound. once shi reached the base, she revealed a tiny red box, adorned with a silver bow and a small tag. placing it gently at the base of the giant fir tree, you could easily notice the only indication as to who the box may be for was a tiny fox scribbled onto the tag. what could that mean? only time will tell.

large version


simply beautiful you guys <3

AOENA bounces around the hearth happily as other Louloudians begin to file in, placing their distinct, unique ornaments on the big tree one-by-one.


a small coyote scampered up to the tree, placing an ornament that had been in his family for years quickly before disappearing again



these are warming my heart up


Looks @ the teeny present it’s so cute


beautiful, everyone <3


Dame peeks around the big tree with two small presents in her mouth. She gently places them next to the lonely giftbox and scurries back to her den, scouring it for more gifts to give. [size=50](no dame version)[/size]


I’m not sure where these are all coming from but I woke up to some more gifts under the tree today