Forum Overhaul & A Small Survey



Hey everyone. Now that the holidays are over & the new year has begun, I’d like to get a head-start on some Spring cleaning to gear up for some exciting new ideas. I just wanted to mention that the forum will be receiving a major overhaul this next month, starting this week (and possibly today). If you notice anything funny or find that topics or categories are moving around, it’s just me trying to tidy up. :herb: Thanks for being here and being patient with our team! :heart:

While I have you here, please let me know what you’d like to see regarding Louloudia in the future. What activities are you interested in? What kind of community do you see when you visit us here? Is there anything you want or need from me or my teammates? Is there anything you want to ask, mention, or bring up to me that you haven’t had a chance to?


I see a kinder community that’s much more laid back. The environment feels drama free, problems are handled swiftly and decisively, and it’s really enjoyable. I like the slower pace, personally.

I liked the December event - it really pushed me to writing, which I needed, even if it was only tidbits from my characters and what not. I’d love for more of those; I enjoy writing and being given a direction for it, which prompts do.

For the last two questions - maybe a more definitive calendar/guidelines for events/plans/etc.? It may be somewhere and I missed it, but I’d like seeing a calendar of past events (like, literally, on a calendar or something that says like January 27th - February 3rd, x event, click here for more information), but also future ones, as well as like maybe, Lou goals for the year? What do you want to accomplish with Lou? 50 regulars? A new pose set? Donations? Etc.

  • What activities are you interested in? I’m definitely interested in more lore. It would be really cool to have published pieces, short stories, etc, about the land that we are in. Something to help create a more intricate visual of the world without the complete need for physical artwork. I think it would also help inspire the community and develop events!

  • What kind of community do you see when you visit us here? I see a calm, welcoming community. Very artistic and earth-based. A group where people of similar appreciation and passion can gather. I see it as a place where one doesn’t have to hide out of fear or judgement and one can be open. You can seek comfort in other members. All around peaceful.

  • Is there anything you want or need from me or my teammates? Perhaps the idea of the more definitive, visual calendar or just a general update newsletter for active members. It can often be difficult to see where everyone is at on the site and while updates are somewhat relaxed, it’s still nice to know how YOU as staff are doing; as administrators and as just other users! More communication, I guess. But it isn’t lacking as is.

  • Is there anything you want to ask, mention, or bring up to me that you haven’t had a chance to?
    Is there any thought to applications?
    I know someone asked the other day and I was curious overall.
    What are some ideas for advertisement if desired?
    Also, I noticed the site can run out of deltas frequently. Are there any thoughts to not having free subscription or is that a constant that you want to maintain?


thank you for such wonderful feedback. you have me beaming at all of your kind words <3

I love this thought, I just haven’t found the right one for us. I know that our new website platform has a calendar plugin, so with that being sorted & worked on during these next few weeks, I’m hoping we can get something up there that will help us organize our events like that. I’d like to have it linked in the forum menu. preferably a separate bar under our banner, where things like our Newcomer Guide, Discord, Joining the Chat, Encyclopedia etc links can go along with it. Lou goals for the year is a wonderful idea, maybe that’s something we can do annually as a community too.

I love the idea of a newsletter. I know it was something we were talking about in the past, so I’d really love to get that started. what other things would you like to see in a newsletter? what exactly should be shared in a newsletter regarding the staff, etc?

a while back, we made the decision to stop using applications for Lou, simply because we thought that connecting with and approaching potential team members seemed like the best way to bring people on here. however, this doesn’t have to be something we continue and I’m open to bringing applications back if necessary. the way Lou is along with the system we have in place, I thought it was best this way and wanted to try it out. though I do see pros and cons to both applications and not using them, I’m trying to find a good balance between the two and what works best for us.

to be honest, I haven’t gotten this far in my thoughts yet. my main focus has been lore & worldbuilding, chat upkeep, then our forum maintenance, then our website. past team members had been advertising on Facebook, an Instagram has been set up, and I believe we have a DA, FA, and various other accounts elsewhere. but I haven’t really thought about taking advantage of them yet, because we don’t have much to offer those that are not already Chatlands members - if that makes sense? I feel as if we are still a mostly unfinished project, though the closer we get to completing more lore ideas & the basics, the more I am pushed towards thinking about social media and all of those platforms. it’s definitely something I want and need to think about soon, though, I think.

this is something I’ve wanted to keep doing for as long as possible, though I know it’s a bit far-fetched. running on donations has been difficult but also really rewarding. I love being able to tell people that they can upload poses for free, and most of the time they donate simply for that reason. it’s a nice feeling all around. but I don’t know how long we can go that way, especially because a lot of the time deltas are also purchased out of pocket either personally by a team member or through the project’s funding (Patreon & fundraising events). it’s something I would love to maintain, I love the idea of having a donation-driven community, but I know that is something I may need to let go of sometime. I don’t know what will happen for sure, but keeping free subs would be ideal imo.


AAAAA thank you guys for all of this feedback, i personally can’t stress enough how much it means to me you’re thinking and considering ideas for the project. I just wanted to drop in and say a few things because i think Aletheia summed up my (our) thoughts really well in response to your guys’ suggestions.

I’m very excited to be working more on the lore aspect of Louloudia, personally, and i can already tell you that we have some things in the works. In particular, I hope to be buckling down with our Encyclopedia and making that reality along with putting together short stories and tales to go with certain aspects of it. Which in turn, like you mentioned @Stout, hopefully that will inspire other short stories and participation from members that way.

@PRiDE I really loved how much you participated in @Aeolia’s Daily Dooties and i hope we can continue doing stuff like that, it WAS pretty fun, even if we were all a little bogged down with the Holidays. I like the laid back do-what-you-can feel of it, it made it a lot more fun and a lot less pressure.

As far as being more communicative and having visual points for events and things (like a calendar, i love this idea) i think that’s something that we’re also aiming to focus on in the coming months. @Aletheia & i put together a Trello a few months ago with things we’re currently working and focusing on for Louloudia – This is something i hope to revamp and put a spotlight on for you guys very soon because it’s updated on a regular basis, even though it hasn’t been shared publicly.

I want to thank you both again for the awesome feedback and I’m sorry for not being very punctual in my response. I am making a gentle comeback from my Resting status and I’m gearing up to get to work again very soon. :sunflower:

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i feel like everyone in this community are suuuuper connected with each other. even some people that i don’t know personally, ive been able to strike up a convo with them and its so laid back and peaceful. really love that everyone is so friendly and easy to get along with.

also really feel connected with this community as well. i feel like admins here REALLY listen to suggestions and do everything they can do ensure that everyone is happy and that the site keeps on improving


thank you so much @MOON :heart: I’m so happy to hear those things, it means a great deal to me to know that you’re comfortable

regarding our forum overhaul, I’ve reorganized and begun tagging topics. categories are finished, so feel free to take a look, though some areas are still a bit messy… new icons to replace our temporary category banners will be drafted soon, which we will be sharing wips of here later on :herb: