First Light: The Newcomer's Welcome Guide



First Light: The Newcomer’s Welcome Guide

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Our community is an interactive, creative sanctuary built for anyone looking to improve upon themselves, spread love and guidance, and to communicate openly without fear or judgment. Our mission is to bring others together to form and maintain a comfortable, friendly, and supportive community revolving around creativity. Please note that all members of Louloudia must be at least 16 years of age.

Our World

The lands of Louloudia are vast and thriving, where delicate plant-life and elegant creatures reside. Bio-luminescence and strange crystals are a common sight, as well as crumbling ruins that seem to resemble myths and old tales from Louloudia’s origins. While visiting, you are able to actively assist in writing Louloudia’s story by shaping its history, flora, fauna, and diverse environments for others to explore. Our world is ever-changing and will flourish alongside our community.

Coming Late 2018, the Louloudian Encyclopedia will be available for those who wish to view our lore and unique species.

About Us

We are an art-based community, heavily inspired by nature and story-writing. Our community provides an escape to a new place that you can play a role in shaping. We believe that our members are responsible for the growth of Louloudia, and it is important that everyone is heard, acknowledged, and understood. We strive to create a strong connection between all members, as we all desire the same peaceful atmosphere.

While the progress toward our interactive graphical chat platform is being funded, we encourage you to join us by participating in open discussions, creative thought, and artistic ideas that will help our community flourish. Share your creative works, inspire others, and make this world your own.

Our Goals

Fundraising will continue to aid us in creating the physical foundation of Louloudia: its interactive chat system. The more we are able to raise long-term, the more features we will be capable of adding. Your patience is appreciated during this process, as constructing an interactive and quality chat from the ground up takes time, technical knowledge, team discussion, heavy artistic effort, and funding - often from our own pockets as well! We are putting an enormous amount of love and care into constructing a platform that is modern, secure, high-quality and unique.

Supporting this project means the world to our team. Please consider becoming a Visionary through our Patreon here. By doing so, you are contributing to the very foundation of its existence, and are helping to provide our community with a place to call home.

Thank you, truly, for everything.


Forum Basics - Work In Progress.

Welcome to Louloudia! We’re currently using a platform called Discourse, which you can read about here. It was built with discussions and real-time conversations in mind. It is also incredibly smooth and easy to use on mobile devices, and has an a mobile app available for use.


If you’re unfamiliar with Discourse, it can be intimidating or confusing to approach at first, but I promise it’s worth learning and trying out for yourself. If you’re more comfortable with using a forum like phpBB where discussions are presented to you in sections, feel free to select the “Categories” tab when viewing our main forum index. If you prefer this look rather than our default view, you’re welcome to change your Interface preferences. We encourage you to try different settings to find one that you’re most comfortable with.

To change the default home page to always show Categories, click your avatar at the top right, the cogwheel :gear:, Interface, then under Default Home Page select Categories. Save your changes.


To learn about Discourse and its features, please take a look below – I urge you to follow the link to get a video example of each feature! It’s really worth the time & effort to see what’s possible with this new platform!

Here are summaries of each Discourse feature shown at the link above:

  • Pageless discussions — Posts and replies load as you scroll down discussion pages. A timeline sidebar has been put into place that will allow you to easily navigate through discussions.

  • Dynamic notifications — You’ll receive notifications for almost anything (if you want). Mentions, quotes, replies, etc.

  • Direct replies — You have the option to reply directly to a post rather than an entire topic. Posts with replies to them will show how many there are underneath their content, so you can follow the flow of each discussion that takes place as you wish.

  • Mobile — Use Discourse smoothly and easily on laptops, tablets, phones, etc. through browser or mobile app.

  • Expanding links — Pasting a link on a single line will automatically show an expanded snippet of its content. This will work for hundreds of popular websites like YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, etc.

  • Community moderation — You have the ability to flag spam or inappropriate content while browsing our forum, which helps the community take care of itself alongside the Peacekeepers.

  • Badges — While using our forum, you’re able to earn various badges while participating in positive community behavior and events that will be displayed in your profile.

  • Emoji — Typing a single : will bring up a list of standard emoji for you to choose from, whether you’re on mobile or using our desktop browser. In the future, Louloudia will have custom emoji sets for you to choose from as well.

  • Reply via email — When you aren’t active on the website, your notifications will be automatically sent to you via email. Reply via email from anywhere, on any device.

  • Desktop notifications — If your browser is minimized or you’re in a different tab, Louloudia’s forum will notify you via desktop notification if someone has responded to or mentioned you.

  • Auto-save drafts — While creating a topic or post, your drafts will save automatically after every pause in your typing.

  • Drag & drop image uploads — When posting on our forum, you can simply drag & drop an image into your text area, allowing it to automatically upload and place the image directly into your content.

  • Collaboratively edit wiki posts —

  • Markdown, BBCode, and HTML formatting in posts — Markdown is a simple way to format text. It doesn’t change font size, color, or type – just the essentials: bold, italic, underline, etc.

Markdown Cheatsheet — How to format text using Markdown.

Common Formatting

  • Centering text — Code must be placed on its own line (an empty line above & below the code).
    <div align="center">centered content</div>