Creative Resources by ΛΘENΛ


[center][ under construction ]

Here i will share my personal resources i’ve made such as tutorials, brush settings, anatomical studies etc. as well as share other tutorials and resources that i’ve collected.

Outlining Tips & Tricks
Most-used Brushes
Anti-Dark-Heart Canine References

[size=150]Feel free to request tutorials or guides to be made.[/size]
In the future, if there’s interest, i’d also like to set up streams dedicated to doing work like this in realtime with all of you per request![/center]


This is so nice of you - thank you for being willing to do this!


I would love to see an equine and/or cervine tutorial <3 looking forward to anything you share


(open link in new tab for ginormous version so you can see details!)

this is KIND OF a tutorial thing??? I get a lot of comments on my outline work… This is just outlining process, settings & some notes on outlining. If you have questions, feel free to comment!

@Alpen thanks for the suggestion, i’ll have to compile & share some of my personal resources for that!!


just remembered i made this little thing a while ago too!


:uniloved: wow tysm for taking the time to do this! !!


my pleasure! :hbartistic:


gentle bump, i’d love to get some feedback/suggestions on something to do in the near future. :slight_smile:


Here are some of my favorite canine drawing resources out there which i use regularly :

These are all by Anti-Dark-Heart @ DeviantART respectively


thank you so much for sharing <3