Autumn's Apple Harvest | A Louloudia Fundraiser [Closed]


Sorry, this event has been closed due to lack of interest.

A soft breeze weaves its way through long rows of ancient fruit-bearing apple trees. Cool morning light kisses and glints off of dew clinging to the seemingly infinite leaves and apples hanging from gnarled branches and boughs. A badger can be seen lumbering through the long, unkempt grasses of his orchard. He snuffles along each trunk, peering upward to admire his bounty.

“Autumn has been good to me this year,” he muses silently.

Just as his mind wandered to her name, the ethereal spirit appears before him. Her fur waves and flows with the breeze, seeming to glow even brighter as her season is dawning and the bounties of the Louloudians begin to unfurl. The badger freezes, for her image is rarely seen. She smiles warmly across the clearing at the old grizzled badger and gives a gentle shake of her fur, the trees’ fruit nearest to her seem to swell with growth and beauty at her movement.

The badger gives her a gruff jerk of his head, urging her to follow. She does as she is instructed, amused with his ever cantankerous disposition. He waddles to his den, nestled beneath the oldest of the trees, disappears inside and after a moment, can be heard struggling with something, a scraping sound followed by his heavy breathing and small grunts. He finally emerges, rump first, dragging a basket made just for the Autumn spirit. She is pleasantly surprised and gives an excited yip, the small sound echoing through the trees, causing them to creak with growth, a number of their apples thumping to the ground. She looks around self consciously and apologetically before examining the incredible treasure the badger has fashioned for her.

Made of the stiff crab grasses that make up the bed of his orchard, the baskets are oddly shaped and have shoots of the grass springing from all directions. The two baskets are connected with an arched woven band, meant to sit over her back. Although irregularly constructed, they’re tight and firm, ready for great loads of fruit. Autumn nods to him after turning the baskets over and over, examining each speck of them. She is glowing with happiness and excitement for she has yet to participate with the other creatures of Louloudia in the great Apple Harvest. She tucks her head beneath the broad band connecting the baskets and slips it into place. It fits perfectly, of course, and Autumn catches a small smile of satisfaction on one side of the badger’s face before she turns and bounds back into the trees to find her chosen Louloudians to harvest apples for the year.


Welcome to Louloudia's 2018 Autumn Fundraiser! For those of you in locations not celebrating the season physically, please enjoy the festive autumn spirit as it dawns over Louloudia.

This fundraiser is a team effort launched to revitalize our community and assist in funds needed to maintain our forum, brand new website, developer fees, and artwork to keep our world feeling fresh. @owlie has been doing very well for us and we are grateful for all of the hard work he’s put in. All donations and contributions for us to continue with fees & upkeep are genuinely appreciated. You will find direct links to our Paypal & Patreon at the bottom of this thread if you would like to donate separately from this event.

In this orchard, you will notice there are at least five apple varieties to choose from. We might see some more ripening up very soon… The cultivars with their corresponding fees are listed below. Take note - the apples in this special orchard have some nice perks associated with picking them.

:scroll: Autumn’s Apple Harvest Menu

:apple: Fuji | $7.00 | 4 Remaining
A crisp, sweet apple with a delicate crunch.
(You can choose from one of two beautiful, fall-themed YCH pixel scenes handcrafted by @Aeolia One, Two)

:apple: Gala | $12.00 | 5 Remaining
A fragrant, crisp apple that’s full of sweetness.
(You receive a stylized, custom mini character painting by @Saeglopur (example here))

:apple: Granny Smith | $40.00 | 1 Remaining
A very tart, distinctive flavour. Everyone in the room will know you’re eating one.
(You receive a 600x600 lovingly crafted digital painting by @Saeglopur (past example here))

:apple: Golden Delicious | $30.00 | 1 Remaining
A very mellow, gorgeous apple to look at. Lovely for baking into pies.
(You receive a warmly shaded custom pose (i.e. mini shaded drawing) created by @Aletheia (example here and here))

:apple: Braeburn | $20.00 | 1 Remaining
Oooh, not only is it pretty, this one’s got a bit of spice to it.
(You receive an elegant flat custom pose (i.e. mini drawing without shading) created by @Aletheia (example here and here))

What’s this? There are lots of apples in a nearby barrel… looks like they’ve got a few bruises and they’re heavily discounted as a result. They’re still perfectly edible!

Want to donate but low on funds? That’s understandable, and we appreciate your willingness to help Louloudia. Anyone who donates a minimum of $1 to our Paypal below OR shares our fundraiser on one of their social networks will gain access to a special forum badge created exclusively for this fundraiser.

Everyone who donates a minimum of $1 to this fundraising event will be entered into a raffle to receive a piece of custom artwork made by @AOENA :heart:


This fundraiser will run through the entire month of October.

Patreon   |   Paypal


— Thank you so much to @Roman, @AOENA, @Aeolia and @saeglopur for the artwork in this thread. Keep an eye out over the next couple of days for additions to the available apples. Let the team know if you have any questions!


Do you have an estimated time for them to be completed once purchased?


my personal turnaround time currently is NTE 1 & 1/2 weeks. I’ll ask the others to post their own times that they feel comfortable with.


my TAT’s won’t be more than a week :tornado::paintbrush:


one week for myself as well, thank you for asking!


Awesome, can I get Braeburn and golden delicious?
Edit if it’s still available


hii, I’m sorry to say that we’ve decided to close this event due to lack of interest… we’re going to focus our efforts on the premade event we’re hosting over on Wolfhome’s forum since it’s gotten more attention, but we hope to offer something like this another time. thanks for your initial interest and I hope our decision is understandable :two_hearts: