Athena's Terms of Use/Service 2017


[center]AΘENA ::: Terms of Use in Effect as of January 10th, 2017 // AΘENA // A0ENA[/center]

[center]Artwork that has been purchased[/center]

• Payment types Accepted:
‣ Paypal only, unless otherwise specified at the time of sale.

• Will you offer refunds?
‣ Refunds are not a regular option unless I make an exception and offer a refund to the patron personally.

• Will you be utilizing invoices?
‣ Yes, via Paypal Invoices

[center]Artwork & the Patron[/center]

• May the patron include artwork that is purchased in a character sale?
‣ Yes, always, this may be done without my explicit permission.

• May the patron alter any purchased artwork? (Feel free to specify poses, large artwork, references, etc.)
‣ The patron may alter any purchased artwork within reason, i.e. the work must still be recognized as my own. The exception to this rule would be the completion of “incomplete” artwork, such as sketch work.

• May the patron sell the commissioned artwork individually?
‣ No, the patron may not profit off of my work individually or commercially unless explicitly given permission by myself.

• May the patron include any premade art (such as premade poses or bases) created by you with a character?
‣ No.


• May any premade characters/markings be resold by the patron?
‣ Yes, however some characters may have special terms attached to them at the point of sale, in which case, these terms will be in writing on the topic/submission advertising the sale of the character.

• May any premade characters/markings be traded by the patron?
‣ Yes.

• May any premade characters/markings be given away by the patron?
‣ Yes.

• In the event that a character is allowed to be resold, how should the price of said character be reflected?
‣ The price should be reflected based on the character’s worth and any extra artwork purchased by the patron. The patron (or seller in this case) should use their best judgement. I, personally, don’t like seeing my artwork/characters “flipped” shortly after purchase.

• Should the patron notify you when a character is sold (as long as it falls within their rights) and to whom the character is sold to?
‣ No, unless the character itself has its own special terms attached to it by me.

[center]Crediting & Usage of Artwork[/center]

• May the patron re-upload purchased artwork to another site?
‣ Yes, as long as they link back to my profile on said site. For example, when/if uploading to DeviantART, credit my DeviantART username/account.

• List what sites your artwork is allowed on, or which sites you would not like your art on.
‣ My work may be allowed on any site that I am also a member on. (DeviantART, FurAffinity, Instagram, SoFurry) This excludes most Chatlands as I am a member on only a few of these, however poses or premade artwork may be used on all Chatlands EXCLUDING MysticalRealms. None of my work may be used on MysticalRealms at any time, under any circumstances. My work may also never be used on Worlize at any time, under any circumstances.

• May any person re-upload your artwork to another site?
‣ No, only the patron may re-upload my artwork to another site.

• Should the patron include credit/link back to your page in the event that re-uploading is allowed?
‣ Yes.

• May the patron use purchased artwork for profit?
‣ No, unless explicitly stated so by me. In the event that i were to allow another person to sell my work for their own profit, they must display proof of my stating that they’re allowed to do this at the point of sale.

• May the patron apply their own Terms of Services/Use to your artwork or purchased characters?
‣ NEVER, under any circumstances may any person place their own terms on my work. This may be negotiable in the event of a commercial sale. For example, I may be commissioned for a logo for a company where I retain royalties on said logo. This logo would then fall under the commissioner’s terms and not my own.

• If a member has questions regarding the sale of artwork or a character, should they first refer to these Terms?
‣ A member must refer to these terms as of this date, however if a piece of work is in question that was created before this date, they must refer to these terms respectively.