[center]General Terms of Service for Alpen in effect from 12/10/2016
Contact: Alpen @ WHF/[/center]

[center]Artwork that has been purchased[/center]

• Payment types Accepted:
‣ PayPal, Chatlands deltas, occasionally DeviantArt points. Other types of currencies may be accepted at a later date.

• Will you offer refunds?
‣ At my discretion. If I cannot complete a commission for whatever reason I will offer a full refund, which includes PayPal fees.

• Will you be utilizing invoices?
‣ Yes, always.

[center]Artwork & the Patron[/center]

• May the patron include artwork that is purchased in a character sale?
‣ Yes.

• May the patron alter any purchased artwork?
‣ Yes. May not be modified heavily. Adding shading to a flatcolor is fine. Adding a background to a transparent image is fine. Credit must always be given for my work.

• May the patron sell the commissioned artwork individually?
‣ If discussed beforehand, yes.

• May the patron include any premade art (such as premade poses or bases) created by you with a character?
‣ No. Permissions to premades do not travel with characters. Users must purchase premades individually if they would like to use them.


• May any premade characters/markings be resold by the patron?
‣ Yes.

• May any premade characters/markings be traded by the patron?
‣ Yes.

• May any premade characters/markings be given away by the patron?
‣ Yes.

• In the event that a character is allowed to be resold, how should the price of said character be reflected?
‣ The price of a character may only be sold for more if there is extra art included. Extra art could be made by yourself or others, but there needs to be more art before you’re allowed to sell the character for more than what you paid.

• Should the patron notify you when a character is sold (as long as it falls within their rights) and to whom the character is sold to?
‣ Unless I specifically tell you to, no. I will always tell you beforehand if I would like to be notified.

[center]Crediting & Usage of Artwork[/center]

• May the patron re-upload purchased artwork to another site?
‣ Yes, must provide credit.

• List what sites your artwork is allowed on, or which sites you would not like your art on.
‣ I am fine with pretty much anything but if you have a specific question just ask!

• May any person re-upload your artwork to another site?
‣ No. Only the patron.

• Should the patron include credit/link back to your page in the event that re-uploading is allowed?
‣ Yes, always.

• May the patron use purchased artwork for profit?
‣ Unless we discuss beforehand, no.

• May the patron apply their own Terms of Services/Use to your artwork or purchased characters?
‣ Unless we discuss beforehand, no.

• If a member has questions regarding the sale of artwork or a character, should they first refer to these Terms?
‣ Yes.