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You have found yourself following the smell of pine and bark, two scents somehow strong enough to cut through the chilly air that nips at your face. Gently, though picking up in speed as the night sets in, snow flutters to the ground unevenly around you, accompanying your hastened travel. It isn’t long before you come upon it - the grand, ancient tree in her same location as seasons past, shimmering faintly as if decked with an enchantment just for the occasion. As you look up at her branches and begin to form your plans, other residents begin to appear around you, gathering for another year’s end ceremony of festive decorating.


Welcome to Louloudia’s Adorn the Tree Event! If you were unable to participate in this event last year, you are welcome to view the old thread here to see how other members participated. The final tree was decorated beautifully by many different members, and many people opted to place gifts for friends beneath the tree as well. We are excited to share another holiday season with our members, and we wanted to bring back a version of this event to share with all of our new members who have joined us this year. For this season, we have a few new event details as well! There will be multiple badges you can earn: a badge for decorating the tree, a badge for providing a gift to another member throughout the month of December, and a badge for attending our in-chat celebration to finish up the event.

On the night of the Solstice (December 21st), Louloudia’s team will come together to top our tree in a symbolic act of joining together our community. If together we can decorate our tree brightly enough to shine through the cold winter night, its glow will be strong enough for the Winter Spirit to find us. Seasons past have shown us that the Spirits will often bring gifts as a token of gratitude in return for all of our work.

Over the course of the next week, the team will be providing several ornament templates for members to modify & colour if they are unable to create their own ornament from scratch for any reason.

ornament%20crystal ornament%20bulb%20copy ornament%20antler%20copy ornament%20feather%20copy ornament%20acorn%20copy ornament%20shell

Event Participation Notes:

Participate in tree decorating by either a) drawing your own adornment and adding it onto the tree, b) colouring a template and adding it onto the tree, or c) creating your adornment and posting it for a team member to add for you.

When adding a decoration directly to the tree, please make sure that you have the most recent version. We recommend drawing or colouring your ornament separately and adding it to the tree image rather than drawing directly onto the tree. This way, if someone updates the tree while you are drawing, you will still be able to add your ornament without needing to worry about another member adding theirs into the spot you were already drawing on.

Please save all of your files as .png to enable transparency. Let a team member know if you need help.

You may hang multiple decorations, but be courteous of space for others.

The tree will be topped by the team on December 21st, but members may continue to decorate & add gifts through the end of December.

Ornament & Decor Ideas:
pineconeteeny Honor a loved one or pet
pineconeteeny Your favorite decoration growing up
pineconeteeny Draw your character as a “DIY” ornament (e.g. gingerbread, sticks, etc.)
pineconeteeny Make an ornament from materials you’d find around Louloudia
pineconeteeny Small animals - whether real or imaginary
pineconeteeny Something interesting your character might have found around Louloudia

Bonus Activity: Browse through our “Winter Wishlist” thread to find references from members in our community, or put together a secret gift for one of your friends. We encourage you to add a drawn gift beneath the tree, but it is not necessary. The act of giving a gift to another member and posting it on the forum during the month of December will earn you a generosity-themed badge.

Bonus Event: Join us for an in-chat gathering on the night of the 21st, 22nd, or 23rd. There will be “door prizes” planned for all who can attend, whether you can stay for a minute or an hour. We are planning for a casual game of trivia (theme to be announced) and some time together as a community. A poll will be created for times, and everyone is encouraged to vote on the best date and time that they would be able to attend a chat event.

Which night is better for you to attend an in-chat gathering?

  • December 21st
  • December 22nd
  • December 23rd

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Please allow for the complete end of the event for all badges to be rewarded.

Adornment contributors:


pinned globally #2


Oh, guys, I love this.



Quick question, though! For the generosity-themed badge, is art the only thing that’ll be accepted as an adequate gift for someone? If not, what are some other ideas besides buying / sending physical items?


Going off the question above, does physical gifts being sent count? Do I need to take a picture of all the stuff I got them? I ALSO BOUGHT THEM ART, SO.


Artwork does not have to be the only type of gift! Any sort of holiday gift-giving will earn the badge. As stated in the post, we’d love to see a little drawing beneath our beautiful tree symbolizing the gift itself, but that part is optional :snowman:


Okay, excellent! I have ideas for ornaments AND the packages, so yay!

Anyway, I gifted @mongrel and @Sunny with gifts that shall be sent out tomorrow. They’ll probably confirm receiving sometime next week.


The soft crunch of the freshly-fallen snow underpaw was a pleasant and very welcome sound in the otherwise quiet forest. It was time, once again. The giving season which the wolf found to be his favorite of all the year. Last time, he had adorned the shimmering tree with a very personal and sentimental item, which he now wore around his ankle.

Dragging behind him was a pretty blue box with silver ribbon and a small tag with a name scrawled messily onto it. Inside was a gift for a very dear friend of his and he couldn’t wait for them to see! Once the wolf came upon that sacred tree, he took a moment to behold its beauty before dragging his gift and settling it neatly underneath. Then, the small, blue collar around his ankle was removed and hung snugly in the same place it was last year. A small tribute to his beloved pet, which he planned to continue for years to come.


if anyone would like help “adorning” the tree, id like to volunteer again this year :blush:

All i ask is that you write a few words about the item for the sake of the holidays, and put it up!! (ill send you the file to be posted)


Thank you, Roman, that’s so generous of you!!


i have a 26 year old ornament cookie that looks like this



added ornaments for @pride



so so so sweet of you, Aeo n__n they’re beautiful also, proud ofyou!!



Here are some of my contributions to our lovely tree this year… I don’t know about all of you but i remember in elementary school threading popcorn into chains to make little popcorn christmas garlands, so i added a few chains of popcorn n_n

I also added in a bluejay and red-tailed hawk feather, an ornament for which i’ve provided the grayscale so we can all share! (see original post) i’ve also added a number of other little ornaments we can color and paint to adorn our tree with!

and last, i’ve added a small commemorative ornament for my little rabbit, Noire, whose life was ripped from this world far too soon this summer. Gone, but not forgotten. :black_heart:


I’m SO thankful for the greyscaled ornaments!! I was in the mood to color, so I originally started with just blue with white splashes and was like huh, this kind of looks like earth, so I just went all the way with it.

Earth deserves love, too!!! :earth_americas: :earth_africa: :earth_asia:



omg that turned out awesome!! … maybe we should… make some more … planetary bulbs :grin:


aw i LOVE the popcorn, it really takes you back to when christmss warmed your heart and love and laughter were literally the air you breathed. your feathers are precious and so is your contribution (wrong word, cant think of what i really need/want to say there) of noire !!

beautiful as always