Achievement Badges


What ideas for profile badges would you like to see utilized here? The design for any newly added ones will be unique. They can be earned through events or manually given for special acknowledgments. We have a lot of room to play around with these.

Here’s some current ideas we had in mind, but we’d love to hear more:

  • seasonal event participation (one for each season, can use the coins here)
  • pledged to Patreon
  • past team member
  • donated art
  • shared Louloudia on social media
  • founded a species


How about some fun ones…

  • Louloudia’s [Top/Chief/#1] Writer
  • Forum Addict
  • Louloudia’s Child (for those that are new, or perhaps those that have been here since the beginning)

That’s all I’ve got for now. I might come back.


these are a great addition!! thank you!


I really like the Founded a Species one. ahhh - Marking until I can think of something.


thank you so much for the ideas so far. I’m excited for us to work with these more.


i like these!!
makes a note to make louie coin for spring…