Accessing Louloudia's Temporary Chat (Closed)


Name changed to Candis :slight_smile:


may i have an additional invite for my account kipper? <3


@Candis @mongrel
added :slight_smile:


My chat name is Bateson!


added to our invite list!! welcome!


welcome! added :slight_smile:


Littledeer :slight_smile:




[center]I just wanted to make a mini-announcement on this thread — I got in touch with Underdog a few weeks ago and he has changed our chat shell’s name to Louloudia, officially two nights ago! Pandora is no more and we’re really happy to have a step taken in this direction. Hopefully I can continue to keep contact lines open with UD, for now though, let’s just bask in the glory that is having Louloudia officially recognized by Chatlands.



[size=80]Yessss, I was online when he popped in to make sure the name change worked. This is so exciting for Lou!![/size]


I am so very happy for this.


Great news ;w;

I’m so happy that he finally came around to do this for us. :uniloved:


@AΘENA thank you so so so SO much for taking care of this and for being so persistent, especially during my unexpected absence. this means so much to me, you’re a miracle worker. <3

this is really cool to hear. how did it go while he was on chat, or was it a really quick on and off?


I would seriously appreciate an invite!! :heart:
This chat looks so precious so far… it would be an honor to be a beta tester!
My chat name is Jace. :slight_smile:


@Jace hello! added to our chat list! thanks for the nice words :slight_smile:


Oh my, thank you!! And you’re quite welcome. ^^


[size=80]It was really quick actually, he came on under the “grandma” account and just checked the tab to make sure the name change had fully worked. But still so exciting!![/size]


I would love an invite! Chat user is Veneficus <3


@Veneficus welcome!! I’ve added your name to our invite list! :hbcheerful: