Accessing Louloudia's Temporary Chat (Closed)

Louloudia is no longer part of the Chatlands community.

If you have any questions regarding anything written below, please feel free to post on this topic.

:herb: Requesting invitations for friends is more than welcome.
Everyone 16+ will be added to our invite list, and there are no further requirements.


Louloudia is currently a part of the Chatlands world, and the chat portion of it can only be accessed by using a Chatlands account. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one by visiting

If you can’t log in to the chat right away, please post below with the name of your Chatlands account in a reply to this topic so that you can join us! (You can also message @Aletheia directly through PM or by joining our Discord server & giving her a ping in the #ask channe!l) When your account has been invited, you can access our chat by visiting our Chatland’s homepage Once you log in, you will be redirected to our temporary map. Choose an area to explore & make yourself at home!

Tip: A quick-link to our chat can be found at the top-right of our forum!

Why is Louloudia in beta-testing?

For this particular project, “beta-testing” means that we are working behind the scenes on writing lore, creating artwork, and building our world while allowing others to use and be a part of what is already complete. It is a personal project that requires love, attention, time, and energy. While our team is diligently working on things relating to this project, we would also like to remind our community that each of us have other priorities that require our attention as well, and quite often our focus must shift between Louloudia and our other expectations in terms of our personal lives. We assure you that while this may happen frequently, our hearts are still very much tied to our work here, and our team is always communicating with each other, regardless of visible progress.

Subscriptions are currently free & paid for by Louloudia’s community.

This means that you are welcome to adjust your subscription level to upload artwork and use specific Chatlands features. We ask that you please choose an appropriate level for the features you will be using since Louloudia will be paying for each subscription daily. Delta donations are welcome & greatly appreciated! This helps keep subscriptions free for as long as possible. You can visit our Paypal link here or donate deltas directly from our map by going to Map Links > Donate Deltas to Louloudia! :heart:

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to look around! We hope you enjoy exploring Louloudia and that you’re able to settle in comfortably!

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my chatlands account is “Twiggy” also!




@Twiggy @mongrel
you should be able to log in now!




your name is now on our invite list!


aeolia (also could “dame” be added as well? that is my alternative account) :slight_smile:


you should be able to log in with both accounts now :slight_smile:


Takatia & Tak are my accounts.

Thank you!


vreel and voxementi <3


Could I get an invite on the account King please? (This is my alt!)


@Takatia @vreel @King
all names have been added to our invite list :slight_smile:


Thank you!


ilos !!(:


[size=85]My Echelon account is fine, but I’d love to have my Vallier account added too please! :>[/size]


@Ilos @Echelon
should be good to go!





added to our list! :slight_smile:


Maotai and Maotsia


both names are now on our list!