:seedling: Social Etiquette & Guidelines for our Community

Keep The Peace

We believe in a community that leads and takes care of itself. Members are expected to keep the areas of Louloudia calm, peaceful, and friendly of their own accord. Peacekeepers are not meant to be seen as disciplinary administrators, but as literal keepers of the peace. Peacekeepers do their best to aid you whenever possible, but as a community, you are responsible for the way it is upheld and maintained.

Our System

All cases are treated separately and may not always result in the same way as another. The Peacekeepers of Louloudia reserve the right to take any kind of action against an account on our forum, chat, or Discord server for any reason without notice, but will always try to avoid such an occurrence if possible. Peacekeepers always use their best judgment in every situation to protect our community members, and sometimes this requires immediate, severe action.

Louloudia in its Entirety

Any account penalties take place on Louloudia’s forum, chat, and Discord server, and occur at the same time. Please understand that the following rules are set in place to protect the members of Louloudia, yourself included. While Louloudia is in its early stages, it reserves the right to remove any members from its community as necessary.

Information below may be updated at any time. Any changes made will always be announced, however, as a member of our community, it is your responsibility to always be up to date on Louloudia’s rules. Upon using our forum, chat, and Discord server, you have agreed to abide by the following information on all areas of Louloudia.


On Louloudia, infractions are separated into 3 different types: minor, major, and severe.

:small_green_diamond: Minor infractions can be resolved between community members peacefully.

:small_orange_diamond: Major infractions call for the attention of a Peacekeeper, and may result in a reminder, a warning, or a temporary suspension placed on the accounts involved depending on the situation.

:small_red_diamond: Severe infractions require quick and severe action from a Peacekeeper, and will result in a removal from our community.

Minor Infractions


:small_green_diamond: Disrespecting Others
:small_green_diamond: Substance Use
:small_green_diamond: Multiple Accounts

:small_green_diamond: Disrespecting Others

Don’t discriminate, harass, threaten, bully, instigate, or treat others negatively.

Louloudia is meant to be a calm and peaceful place where members can relax. To maintain this gentle atmosphere, we ask that you keep excessive cursing, spam, and trolling to yourself or within a private area. It is your obligation as a member of this community to treat others considerately and respectfully.

Please adhere to any requests if a member asks for a subject change or for the conversation at hand to be dropped. Louloudia is a place of peace, and while we encourage healthy discussion, we also feel that honoring someone’s wishes when it comes to comfort is very important. Likewise, please understand that Louloudia also encourages controversial debates so long as everyone remains civil and appropriate. There is always the option to create a private area of your own if you wish to take a conversation elsewhere, or if someone has asked for a subject to be changed and you wish for it to continue.

:small_green_diamond: Substance Use

Talk of substance use is discouraged in public areas, however, educational or casual conversations regarding substances are permitted unless anyone becomes uncomfortable.

Open discussions or educational conversations regarding legal, illegal, recreational, or medicinal drugs are allowed, however, these subjects may require a change in conversation should anyone request it. Please refrain from publicly stating either consistently or inappropriately that you are under the influence of any recreational, medicinal, or other substances and be considerate to those around you.

:small_green_diamond: Multiple Accounts

Please limit yourself to one account in one chat area at a time, and one forum and Discord account per person.

We only allow one forum and Discord account per person. We ask that all members respectfully refrain from using more than one chat account in one area at a time. Multiple chat accounts in different areas are welcome so long as you do not use this advantage to bypass being placed on Ignore, to break a rule, or to eavesdrop or spy on others in chat.

Major Infractions


:small_orange_diamond: Age Requirement & Rating
:small_orange_diamond: Harassment, Discrimination, & Threats
:small_orange_diamond: Art Theft & Copyright Infringement

:small_orange_diamond: Age Requirement & Rating

Louloudia maintains a minimum age requirement of 16 years old. All shared content must be appropriate for members of this age. Any overly sexual or disturbing subjects should not be discussed publicly (within the forum, Discord server, or public chat rooms).

All members of Louloudia must be at least 16 years of age. We have established a substantial amount of leniency in regards to Louloudia and its rules, resulting in an expected maturity from our members. In addition to this, any information shared on Louloudia must always relate to this rating and must be appropriate for members of the minimal age of 16. Any publicly shared content that is over a general 16+ rating may result in a ban to protect other members from inappropriate subject matter.

:small_orange_diamond: Harassment, Discrimination, & Threats

Any form of harassment, discriminatory behavior, or threatening of others will not be tolerated.

Harassment includes gestures, words, or actions that are meant to intentionally annoy or disturb others around you on chat or forum. The use of slurs and discriminatory terms that reference culture, sexual orientation, any gender, race, or religious belief are absolutely not tolerated in our community. Though we acknowledge that you may want to embrace our higher rating with freedom of language to joke around with friends, please take into consideration the impact your words can have on other members outside of your friend circle. Our community consists of members from a variety of different backgrounds, and everyone deserves to feel welcome and safe.

We have established a very strict intolerance of threats toward another member at any time; bodily, emotional, or psychological harm of any kind is absolutely unacceptable. This includes threatening a member personally or those around them with the intent to harm the original member emotionally or psychologically. Threatening to hack, kill, or rape a member or anyone else, even in jest, is absolutely not tolerated. Joking or making fun of a threat or someone being threatened in any way will also be taken very seriously. We are entrusting our members with being responsible with their words and actions in this way, and expect everyone to remain civil and courteous towards others at all times.

:small_orange_diamond: Art Theft & Copyright Infringement

Respect others by always providing proper credit when using artwork on Louloudia, and never use artwork without permission.

Each situation relating to art theft or copyright infringement will be handled case-by-case. Louloudia’s art related guidelines and rules are still in progress, but this does not mean that anything is allowed or that theft will be overlooked. Please be respectful when posting or using artwork on Louloudia, and feel free to approach any Peacekeeper or Muse if you see questionable content or are unsure of anything related to artwork.

You may not post anything digital that belongs to someone else without permission. You may not post descriptions of, links to, or methods for stealing someone’s intellectual property (software, video, audio, images), or for breaking any other law. (Publicly teaching someone how to illegally obtain software, etc.)

Severe Infractions


:small_red_diamond: Misinterpretation & False Reporting
:small_red_diamond: Illegal Propositions (Minors & Adults)
:small_red_diamond: Selling Accounts & Exploitation

The infractions below are extremely serious and strictly intolerable, and may result in required contact of specific local or state-wide authorities in addition to permanent removal from Louloudia in its entirety.

:small_red_diamond: Misinterpretation & False Reporting

Never lie or falsify serious information about your or another’s well-being. Submitting false reports in an attempt to get another member banned will result in action being taken against your own accounts across Louloudia.

While it is not our business what you share with others, protecting the members of Louloudia is our responsibility. Blatantly lying about the following subjects will result in serious action taken against your account, depending on the specific situation: faking your own or someone else’s death, a serious illness, miscarriage or pregnancy, abuse, trauma, or falsifying anything related to the aforementioned. We do not condone purposely causing grief for others by sharing false information, and Peacekeepers reserve the right to do what they feel is necessary in order to protect Louloudia’s members from such trauma and behavior. Each case will always be treated as a unique and individual situation. In relation to this, falsifying any other information when presenting a situation to the Peacekeepers, such as creating fake logs, will not be tolerated.

:small_red_diamond: Illegal Propositions (Minors & Adults)

Adults offering minors access to illegal activities or a minor baiting an adult will be met with immediate permanent bans across all of Louloudia, as well as a required contact of specific local or state-wide authorities.

The illegal propositioning of minors is a very serious offense. If a member under the age of 18 is ever approached illegally by a member over the age of 18, the adult’s account will be banned permanently from Louloudia in its entirety. This includes, but is not limited to, an adult offering a minor access to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, propositioning sexual acts or sex itself, or any other illegal items or activities. This rule is in place for the safety of all of Louloudia’s members, even if the minor involved has given their consent to the situation. If a minor is ever found to be propositioning or “baiting” an adult (as in, enticing an adult to perform illegal acts with a minor for the minor’s benefit or to their advantage), accounts in question will be permanently banned from all of Louloudia’s platforms. For this particular subject, local or state-wide authorities relating to the instance in question will be contacted as well.

:small_red_diamond: Selling Accounts & Exploitation

Account information should never be sold to anyone, and exploiting system errors for personal gain will result in a removal from our community.

Although we encourage profit and use of the market here, selling and purchasing accounts would result in security risks for all parties involved, as well as miscommunication and confusion in general. A single member is responsible for their own account(s) and sharing any account information is prohibited. Regardless of compensation, any members involved in the transaction of an account will unfortunately receive a ban placed on all accounts. Any tampering with bugs or errors in order to gain monetarily is considered exploitation and will not be tolerated. This includes real-life currency (USD, EU, AU, etc) as well as Louloudia’s Crystal Fragments. If a member is found to be exploiting a glitch for personal gain, anyone involved will be removed from the community immediately.

Community Guidelines

Recording or Sharing Screenshots

Sharing screenshots and recording GIFs or videos of real-time chatting is encouraged.

As an interactive community, Louloudia encourages members to engage in taking screenshots as well as videos of their experiences on the chat. Please always be courteous of others in the area by simply giving notice that you are going to take a screenshot or begin recording. This will provide an option for others to leave, switch poses, or move further from view depending on their comfort level of the situation. Please keep in mind that use of screenshots or videos to blatantly abuse another member of the site will be treated as harassment.

Terms of Service

To use this service, you must agree to abide by our TOS, describing your (and our) behavior and rights related to content, privacy, and laws.